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Welcome to the new Animation Supplies website Covid 19 Alert

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Professional Armature™ Kit


The Animation Supplies Professional Armature™ kit provides smaller joints than our Standard Armature. This allows for more elegant anatomically correct characters. Detailed information can be found further down this page.

 - Compact joints (30% smaller than Standard joints)
 - A fully customisable design
 - Fixed and toe joints for realistic human movement
 - Replaceable wire hands
 - Threaded tie-down system

Consisting of 12 precision made ball and socket joints, the Professional Armature is of exceptionally high quality. It is constructed almost entirely from hard wearing stainless steel and has been designed to be fully customisable. The joints of the Professional Armature are more than 30% smaller than those used in our Standard Armatures.

The kit comes complete with everything you will need to make your own armature. It is easily assembled and has been designed to meet most character designs. It features 6 fixed joints, which have just one pivot point enabling realistic movement. It also benefits from toe joints which will enable you to achieve realistic walk cycles. The kit also includes a standard threaded tie-down system and it is fully compatible with our optional magnetic systems.

The Professional Armature utilises wire hands which come complete with hard wearing heat shrink tubing. The hands are also easily replaceable ensuring hassle free maintenance.