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ProPlus Quadruped™ Kit


The ProPlus Quadruped is our first ever 4 legged armature. It utilises the same high quality ball joints as our ProPlus armatures. The key features of the Quadruped Armature are listed below and detailed information can be found further down this page.

  • Four legs and a tail
  • Joint tensioning using small Torx wrench
  • Rigging points to allow your quadruped to run, fly or jump
  • Additional spinal movement
  • And much more....

The ProPlus Quadruped Armature consists of 10 precision made ball and socket joints which are made from hard wearing stainless steel

The Quadruped Armature benefits from torx wrench tensioning which means you only need a small hole in your character to adjust the tension of the joint. It also has 4 fixed joints (joints with only 1 pivot point) which enables realistic movement. In addition to these features the Quadruped also includes rigging points and aditional spinal and neck flexibility.

The rigging points can be used in conjunction with our rigging system to help achieve animation of the highest quality. Rigging enables animators to create the illusion of defying gravity and accomplish effects like flying, running and jumping.

The ProPlus Quadruped Armature kit comes complete with everything you need to make your own high quality armature. It has been designed to be fully customisable.

If the our four legged armature is the right choice for you, why not have a look at our money saving quadruped bundle deals.

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