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Standard Magnetic tie-down system (Includes 2 Magnets)


The Standard Magnetic tie-down system includes two N38 Nickel plated magnets with a diameter of 7/8" and 1/2" thick. Perfect for Stop Motion Animation!

2 x magnets D7/8" x 1/2"

Although less powerful than the Professional system, our Standard magnetic tie-down system is still capable of holding 10KG of steel. This is more than enough for most applications. They are N38 Nickel Plated and measure D7/8 x 1/2". The system is compatible with all of our Armatures as well as our rigging system. Purchase one of these systems for only £6.99, or buy with one of our Armature Kits and save £2.

Using magnets to tie-down your stop motion means that you don't need to worry about fitting in the holes needed for threaded tie-down. This means that you can have more elaborate and detailed surfaces on your set. In addition, threaded tie-down can often be fiddly and time consuming. Using magnets is usually a much quicker way of working. At Aardman they often use magnets to tie-down their characters.

It is important that you use a ferrous base for your set for magnetic tie-down to work. Although these magnets are very powerful, they will lose strength very quickly when passing through a non-ferrous material. We recommend perforated steel for the very best result and we offer both a complete animation stage as well as sheets of galvanised perforated steel which are ideal for this.

Includes: 2 Standard Magnets