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Professional Magnetic tie-down system


The Professional Magnetic tie-down system includes an extremely powerful N38, Nickel plated 7/8" Diameter, 1½” thick magnet in a protective brushed aluminium casing.

1 x N38 D7/8" x 1½” Magnet is Aluminium Housing

This is an excellent stop motion magnetic tie-down system which is so powerful that it is supplied in a special protective aluminium housing. The magnets have the amazing capacity of holding 35KG of iron and the aluminium housing has been beautifully crafted. This system is used in professional animation studios around the work.

The professional system includes an extremely powerful N38 Nickel plated Neodymium magnet with a diameter of 7/8" and a depth of 1½”. This is then housed in an expertly crafted brushed aluminium housing. The housing not only offers protection from the enormous power of the magnet but also makes in much easier to manoeuvre into position. The system is compatible with all of our armatures as well as our rigging system.

It is important that you use a ferrous base for your set for magnetic tie-down to work. Although the Professional magnets are extremely powerful, they will lose strength very quickly when passing through a non-ferrous material. We recommend perforated steel for the very best result and we offer both a complete animation stage as well as sheets of galvanised perforated steel which are ideal for this.

Purchase one of our Professional Magnets for only £24.99, or buy one together with one of our armature kits and save £5.

Includes: 1 Professional Magnet