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Newplast Plasticine

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White Newplast
Grey Newplast
Black Newplast
Yellow Newplast
Orange Newplast
Red Newplast
Cerise Newplast
Light Blue Newplast
Blue Newplast
Violet Newplast
Purple Newplast
Mauve Newplast
Pink Newplast
Flesh Pink Newplast
Stone Newplast
Peach Newplast
Terracotta Newplast
Light Brown Newplast
Dark Brown Newplast
Ginger Newplast
Dark Green Newplast
Light Green Newplast
Turquoise Newplast
Multicultural Newplast
Rainbow Newplast
Neon Bright Newplast

Newplast plasticine is a non-drying, non-setting modelling material. It is sufficiently pliable to make a wide variety of models, but is firm enough to retain its shape indefinitely. It is a popular choice with animators and is the "animation clay" of choice at Aardman.

Newplast plasticine, also known as Lewis Newplast, after it's creator, Mr Lewis is made by Newclay. It is an exceptional non-drying, re-usable modelling material. Newplast is available in a wide range of colours and is supplied in a the traditional layered bar, familiar to many generations of children and adults.

Newplast is sufficiently malleable to model into shape, but is also firm enough to retain its shape. These properties makes it ideal for animation and Newplast is the plasticine of choice for stop motion animators across the globe including Aardman. In additon to clay animation, Newplast is also used in education as well as in industry. It is used for a wide variety of applications from construction to medical device manufacture and from boat building to classroom creative activities.

We stock the full range of Newplast Plasticine colours which are:

White Newplast Plasticine
Grey Newplast Plasticine
Black Newplast Plasticine
Yellow Newplast Plasticine
Orange Newplast Plasticine
Red Newplast Plasticine
Cerise Newplast Plasticine
Light Blue Newplast Plasticine
Blue Newplast Plasticine
Violet Newplast Plasticine
Purple Newplast Plasticine
Mauve Newplast Plasticine
Pink Newplast Plasticine
Flesh Pink Newplast Plasticine
Stone Newplast Plasticine
Peach Newplast Plasticine
Terracotta Newplast Plasticine
Light Brown Newplast Plasticine
Dark Brown Newplast Plasticine
Ginger Newplast Plasticine
Dark Green Newplast Plasticine
Light Green Newplast Plasticine
Turquoise Newplast Plasticine
Multicultural Newplast Plasticine
Rainbow Newplast Plasticine
Neon Bright Newplast Plasticine

Newplast is supplied in 500 gram bars.

*Please note, Newclay manufacture Newplast Plasticine in batches and as a result colour shades may vary slightly*

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