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AliExtra Armature™ Kit

AliExtra Armature™ Kit

The AliExtra Armature™ is the ideal choice for those starting out in animation. The armature kit has been designed so that you can build it to suit your character. It features easily replaceable wires so that when one of your character's limbs breaks you can simply slot a new one in place. It also includes threaded holes in the feet which can be used with the included tie-down rod as well as our magnetic tie-down systems. These are sold separtely and are available here.

Unlike the Aluminum Armature™, the AliExtra kit comes with heat shrink tubing which makes it even more durable. It also features 7 strands of 2mm wire in each leg which gives the legs additional strength, making it very robust. The AliExtra is perfectly suited to Plasticine Animation as it is capable of supporting the extra weight associated with solid plasticine characters.

As with all our armatures, the AliExtra Armature™ kit is made from the highest quality materials. We only use the best quality animation wire, ensuring that you get an armature which is not only a pleasure to animate but if treated correctly, is also durable and long lasting. Like with all our products this armature kit has been designed by our experienced and skilled team. We manufacture all our products with precision, quality and value for money in mind.

With the kit you will receive:

- 6 metres of 2mm aluminium animation wire

- 10 M4 set keys plus a key to tighten them

- 8 pre-cut insert tubes

- 2 foot components

- 1 shoulder block

- 1 hip block

- A free Epoxy kit*

- Detailed instructions

*We include free industrial quality epoxy resin with all our aluminum armature kits. This ensure that the finished armature is just right. Please note that if you order more than one armature we may send a pack of epoxy instead of a kit. You will however receive plenty for what you will need.